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by: Uri Avnery 2010-11-7
Uri Avnery argues that although the Republican win in the US mid-term elections represents a victory for Binyamin Netanyahu, the longer term prospects for the Israeli prime minister and those he represents are much less certain...

by: Uri Avnery 2010-9-14
Uri Avnery highlights the pitfalls of a “framework agreement”, which the parties to the US-mediated talks between Israel and Mahmoud Abbas have pledged to sign within a year, arguing that such an agreement would lead only to interminable negotiations...

by: Uri Avnery 2010-5-5
ISRAEL IS a Zionist State. Everybody knows that. There is no (Jewish) politician in Israel who misses an opportunity to repeat this...

by: Uri Avnery 2010-3-9
Using holy sites to justify conquest and massacres is by no means an Israeli, or Jewish, invention. One of the most abominable examples is the First Crusade. Pope Urban II called upon the Christians of Europe to rise and liberate the Holy Sepulcher — not the country of Palestine, not the city of Jerusalem, but one specific site...

by: Uri Avnery 2010-2-1
In our conflict, peace negotiations have become a substitute for peace, a means to obstruct peace. They are an instrument used by successive Israeli governments to gain time – time to enlarge the settlements and entrench the occupation, notes Uri Avnery...

by: Uri Avnery 2010-1-5
"It seems that the Egyptian people are ready to accept everything. From the Pharaohs of old right down to the present Pharaoh, their rulers have faced little opposition. But a day may come when national pride will overcome even this patience."..

by: Uri Avnery 2009-11-19
While the Nativ operators are interested in maximizing the number of immigrants to Israel, Yishai and his people deny these very same immigrants the right to marry Jews or to be buried in Jewish graveyards. They serve in the army, but if they fall in action they cannot be buried next to their comrades, notes Uri Avnery...

by: Uri Avnery 2009-11-5
According a Chinese saying, if someone in the street tells you that you are drunk, you can laugh. If a second person tells you that you are drunk, start to think about it. If a third one tells you the same, go home and sleep it off...

by: URI AVNERY 2009-10-13
Is there no limit to the wiles of those dastardly anti-Semites? Now they have decided to slander the Jews with another blood libel...

by: Uri Avnery 2009-9-17
The people of Sodom, the Bible tells us, were very wicked indeed. They had a nasty habit of putting every passing stranger into one particular bed. If the stranger was too tall, his legs were shortened. If he was too short, his body was stretched to the required length...

by: Uri Avnery 2009-5-23
Like a young bull he stormed into the arena. A deluge of new ideas in every direction, a tsunami of practical initiatives, some of which have already begun to be implemented. Clearly he had been thinking about them for a long time and intended to put them into practice from his first moment in office. He put his team together long ago, and his people started to act even before his triumphal entrance to the White House. During the first days he appointed the ministers, most of whom he h..

by: Uri Avnery 2009-3-9
THIS WEEK I had a nostalgic experience. I met a parliamentary delegation from one of the European countries. What turned this meeting into a special occasion for me was its location..

by: Uri Avnery 2009-2-10
The core of the party is made up of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, many of whom have brought from their homeland an utter contempt for democracy, a desire for a strong leader (a Stalin or a Putin), a racist attitude towards brown-skinned citizens and a taste for brutal, Chechnya-style wars. They have now been joined by young, native-born Israelis, who have been radicalized by the recent war..

by: Uri Avnery 2009-1-27
Watch the Gaza aid appeal by the Disasters Emergency Committee to be broadcast by ITV, Channel 4 and Five but rejected by the BBC and Sky. ..

by: Uri Avnery 2009-1-27
Obama was speaking as a man of the 21st century. Our leaders speak the language of the 19th century. They resemble the dinosaurs which once terrorized their neighborhood and were quite unaware of the fact that their time had already passed. ..

by: URI AVNERY 2008-4-21
Tonight the Jews all over the world will celebrate the Seder, the unique* ceremony that unites Jews everywhere in the defining Jewish myth: the Exodus from Egypt. ..

by: Uri Avnery 2008-4-16
NEXT MONTH, Israel will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The government is working feverishly to make this day into an occasion of joy and jubilation. While serious problems are crying out for funds, some 40 million dollars have been allocated to this aim...

by: Uri Avnery 2008-1-27
It Looked like the fall of the Berlin wall. And not only did it look like it. For a moment, the Rafah crossing was the Brandenburg Gate. ..

by: Uri Avnery 2008-1-6
"Livni’s problem is common to all of Israel: the inability and unwillingness to see the point of view of the other side, especially if the other side is Arab. (The other side has, of course, a similar problem.)"..

by: URI AVNERY 2007-12-31
MEPHISTO, the demon who bought the soul of Faust in Goethe’s monumental drama, describes himself as "a part of that force which always wants the bad and always creates the good." Yossi Beilin, who resigned this week as chairman of the Meretz party, is Mephisto’s opposite: he always wants the good and all too often creates the bad...

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