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by: Tarek Heggy, California Republic 2007-4-3

On 19 February, the Al Akhbar daily ran an article I wrote on Sa’ad Zaghlul’s extraordinary political skills which enabled him to gain the full confidence of Egypt’s Copts and Moslems alike. That confidence reached its peak in 1919 when all Egyptians saw Zaghlul as the symbol of na­tional salvation and the rallying point for national aspirations, when both Copts and Moslems forgot their bit..

by: Tarek Heggy, California Republic 2007-4-3

The current winds of change in the Middle East is a welcome whiff of fresh air in the region, but the hasty promotion of democracy, could plunge the region deeper into the ”dark side”, bringing the Moslem Brotherhood to power in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, and elsewhere. While some in Washington are ready to take on this risk, many (of us) liberals in the region, worry about the dangerous unintended ..

by: Tarek Heggy, California Republic 2007-4-3

With eruption of public protests in Egypt against and the government’s antidemocracy crackdown, public attention has focused on the radical Islamist Muslim Brotherhood.

The Brotherhood is a transnational organization, established in Egypt in 1928, which aims to take over the Islamic world. Its goal is establishing a Caliphate, a religious militarized state, as the base to wage war again..