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by: Ray Hanania 2009-11-15
The massacre at Fort Hood of 13 American soldiers and wounding of 30 more raises serious issues regarding violence, terrorism, race in America and the patriotism of Arabs and Muslims...

by: Ray Hanania 2008-9-21
The makers of a controversial DVD on Islamic extremism contend that they are not anti-Muslim. ..

by: Ray Hanania 2008-8-26
Joe Biden is no nice guy when it comes to the Middle East and especially the rights of the Palestinians. Although it is true that every American politician has to kiss Israel’s ass when they run for public office in order to get elected, some try to do with with more finesse. But not Joe Biden...

by: Ray Hanania 2008-5-28
“Not enough just to denounce terrorism and extremism” – The issue of denouncing extremism and the extremists is a far more complex issue than most people think. Americans often ask, “Why don’t Muslims and Arabs denounce the extremists?” Or, “Why don’t Muslims and Arabs denounce extremism and terrorism?” The truth is that the leadership of the Arab American and Muslim American community do denounce the extremists...

by: Ray Hanania 2008-5-17
Reuters, which is slightly more objective in covering the Palestinian-Israeli conflict than most of its other Western counterparts, conservatively estimates that Israel’s military has killed "more than 100″ Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip during the past four months of this year. ..

by: Ray Hanania 2008-4-10
There is a growing a new debate in the Arab-Israeli conflict involving the power and role of humor. Since the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, there has been a new industry of Arab American comedians doing standup comedy increasingly on American comedy club stages...

by: Ray Hanania 2008-3-23
Last month, Hamas terrorists fired rockets into Israel and killed an Israeli girl. The attack provoked a massive response from Israel which claimed to target Hamas militants but ended up killing dozens of Palestinian civilians...

by: Ray Hanania 2008-2-5
The Egyptian Wall is nothing like the Israeli Wall, but they are designed to achieve the same purpose. Except while Israel controls it’s Wall, Egypt is merely a pawn enslaved to the changing political dynamics of a Middle East and the fast weakening of once proud Arab nationalism. ..

by: Ray Hanania 2008-2-3
Jerusalem is the only place where people don’t come up to me when they learn I am from Chicago, form their hands into “guns,” and then ask about “Al Capone.” Capone, for those who don’t know, was the most powerful mobster to head organized crime in the United States. During the 1920s. Well...