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by: Mustafa Radwan 2009-1-24
Akef declared that martyrs blood will not go in vain; on the contrary, it paved the way and regained confidence of victory in the hearts of Palestinians and the hearts of resistance. This blood has proven that resistance is the only way to stop this aggression and regain back the plundered rights...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2009-1-13
In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Member of the MB Executive Bureau Mohamed Morsi described Israelis as "Draculas" who are always hungry for more killing and bloodshed using all kinds of modern war weapons supplied to them by the American administration. Morsi added that, in this war, Israelis have failed, unless they consider killing an achievement as he accused them of sowing the seeds of hatred between humans...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2009-1-11
Egyptian security services arrested Sunday 21 Muslim Brotherhood leaders from the coastal governorate of Alexandria after raiding 25 houses at dawn time...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2009-1-6
In a clear violation of detainee rights, the Ministry of Interior announced yesterday, January 5, that it had issued a decision ordering the detainment of 309 MB leaders and members on Friday, January 2...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-12-29
Egyptian State Security Forces arrested seven Muslim Brotherhood members from the Nile Delta governorate of Dammietta Monday on charges of relief operations for the sake of Gaza, Ikhwanweb reporter said. ..

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-12-28
Egypt’s National powers expressed their refusal and denouncement of the holocaust in Gaza by a protest Saturday where many leaders of political powers and parties participated including MB leader Mahdi Akef...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-12-23
In his statements to Ikhwanweb, Brotherhood MP Azab Mustafa accused what he described as "top figures" of involvement in the disappearance of 131 invaluable antiques. ..

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-12-18
Vice-Chair of the MB Parliamentary Bloc Hussein Ibrahim confirmed in his statements to Ikhwanweb attempts of NDP MPs to prevent activation of the Human Rights Committee which he considered one of the most important and sensitive committees in the Parliament...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-12-15
In the midst of rights criticisms, Fayyoum Investigations Adjutant Officer Mo’taz Abdul-Munji Abdul-Mon’em plead innocent in the Fayyoum Criminal Court on Saturday, December 13 in the case in which he was accused of killing Gom’a El-Dahshury by means of torture inside the Fayyoum Investigations Center...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-12-5
Egyptian state security forces cracked down on pro-Gaza protesters in the northern governorate of Al-Beheirah on Thursday and kidnapped around eight citizens who were taking part in the demos, Ikhwanweb reporter and eyewitnesses said. Nobody knows where the eight citizens are at present...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-11-25
Muslim Broterhood Deputy Chairman Dr. Mohamed Habib said in statements to Ikhwanweb that the MB will never endorse sectarian conflicts in Egypt because national unity is a prerequisite for any desired reform...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-11-25
In his statements to Ikhwanweb, Amr Abdullah- coordinator of Anti-Receivership Engineers bloc- said that engineers deal with unfair adversary which is the government that ignores twelve judicial rulings..

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-11-24
Egyptian Ministry of Interior issued an arrest warrant on Monday against internet blogger Mohamed Adel after his relatives had filed two complaints to the Prosecutor General against the blogger’s disappearance since last Wednesday. ..

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-11-23
Muslim Brotherhood Chief Attorney Abdul-Monem Abdul-Maqsoud said that the President is not entitled to refer civilians to a military tribunal. ..

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-11-22
Dr. Gehad Uoda (professor of Political Sciences at the University of Helwan) stressed in his statements to Ikhwanweb that piracy problem in the "Horn of Africa" should be solved via building Somalia and its institutions to enable it enforce laws and enjoy sovereignty...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-11-22
A group of internet bloggers and activists in cooperation with April 6 Youth Movement organized a protest on Saturday before the Prosecutor General’s office against the disappearance of blogger Mohamed Adel, founder of "Dead" blog...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-11-22
Iranian Sunni Group of Da`wah and Reform released a statement refuting the news reported by Al-Zaman newspapers in Iraq claiming the group renounced the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-11-21
In her statements to Ikhwanweb, Manar El-Shurbagi (professor of Political Sciences at the American University in Cairo and expert of the American affairs) condemned statements made by Ayman Al-Zawahri (second-in-command of Al-Qaeda Network)...

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-11-20
Secretary General for Teachers Without Syndicate movement, Hasan Al Esawy warned in an exclusive statement to Ikhwanweb that protests are to be held all through Egypt unless the nomination doors are opened for Teachers Syndicate elections. Esawy complained about elections’ derail at the Teachers Syndicate, for two successive sessions, i.e. for eight years, as law 100 concerning syndicates states to hold elections every four years..

by: Mustafa Radwan 2008-11-19
The Iraqi Islamic Party said on Wednesday, in its sixty-sixth memo, that the security convention in its last report stresses on the current stance and many hot files which need real reform. ..

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