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by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-26
The Iraqi Islamic Party (IIP - MB in Iraq) has condemned the terrorist bombings that killed dozens of innocent people in Kadhimiyah and Ba`qubah...

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-26
As part of the campaign to release their detained colleagues, a group of Fayyoum students announced Tuesday, April 21, their aim of gathering 5,000 signatures for their petition condemning the flagrant violations of student rights and requesting the release of 15 of their colleagues who had been unjustly detained..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-26
The list of “Reform And Renewal” (MB in Cairo University) has won the elections of Cairo University’s Teaching Staff on Saturday 25th of April 2009, while the “Change” list, which has members belonging to the Working Group For the Independence of Universities, 9th of March, did not achieve a tangible success..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-25
Dr. Farid Ismail (member of MB Parliamentary Bloc and member of the Health Committee in the Parliament) has requested a briefing from Dr. Hatem El-Gabali (Minister of Health) on the theft of newborn babies in Um-Almasreyin Hospital, Giza, despite the security precautions on the entrance and exit of visitors to the hospital calling it weakness in the use of measures and security precautions...

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-23
Dozens of people in the area of Al-Mahrousa, have demonstrated Tuesday evening 21.04 in front of the police department protesting against the increased bullying and the influence of drug traffickers in the region..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-22
Commenting on the aims of the Durbin II conference in Geneva in his statement to Ikhwanweb, First MB Vice-Chair Dr. Mohamed El-Sayyid Habib described Zionism as a “racist and colonialist” entity. ..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-21
A group of police recruits, today 20th, has arrested the student Mohamed Mahmoud Ragab (Fourth Grade at Faculty of Social Services) while he was in the shop of his family in Fayoum, they also arrested Ahmed Abdel Tawwab Ramadan (student at 3rd Grade, Faculty of Agriculture) today afternoon, from his house in Abshaway city, as people were amazed because arrests usually happen at dawn..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-20
Kafr El-Zayyat court witnessed a sit-in comprising of more than 300 lawyers Sunday, April 19, who were protesting against the transgressions of a Koum Hamada police secretary against their colleague..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-20
Secretary of Sectors in the MB Parliamentary Bloc MP Sobhy Saleh affirmed that the sovereignty and security of Egypt were red lines no one could disagree on or tamper with adding, “We are with resistance, by heart and soul but that doesn’t mean sacrificing Egypt’s security.”..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-20
A scientific study issued by the Housing Research Center revealed that the commissions received by top municipal officials to issue building licenses reached an annual of 500 million LE. The research referred to a study conducted by the Public Money Investigation Authority in collaboration with the Building and Checking Research Center under the Housing Ministry revealing the arrest of 103 municipal engineers whose wealth amounted to LE 2,361,000,000...

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-20
Taariq Al-Hashemi (Secretary-General of the Iraqi Islamic Party- Iraqi MB) has written a thanking letter to party leaders and Iraqi political entities for their support to the candidate of the Islamic party and the Iraqi Tawafok Front, Iyad Al-Samarraei to the post of a president of the Parliament..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-19
MB Parliamentary Bloc Spokesperson Dr. Hamdy Hasan affirmed in his statement to Ikhwanweb that the situation of human rights in Egypt was obviously very bad adding that “the daily protests and central security vehicles we have been seeing on the major streets and squares of Egypt are the best proof.”..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-18
The administration of Menia El-Qamh police station, in Al-Sharqeya province has prevented the access of food to the student Ahmed Alaa (Student at the Faculty of Commerce in Zaqaziq, Al-Sharqya Province) aiming at putting pressure on the father to give up on the case against State Security officers to determine the fate of his son and the reasons behind his arrest without legal grounds...

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-18
The administrations of Egyptian universities have continued the same method of suspension, dismissal, investigation and harassments of all kinds to keep MB students off their activities within the universities, as Menia and Fayoum universities have suspended 16 of MB students while detained MB students in Fayoum have declared a hunger strike rejecting the inhuman conditions in the prison..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-16
Ibrahim called on the Egyptian public opinion and the civil society to support MB MPs in raising this matter which he stressed that it is an insult to the Parliament, because it is a crime that should not be ignored or tolorated...

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-16
Tunisian authorities denied the right of Iman El-Tareeky, Member of the defense authority of Dr. Sadek El-Shuru, former head of the Tunisian MB, to visit her client yesterday, April 14. El-Tareeky had requested permission to visit El-Shuru in El-Nadhur prison but the appellate court refused which led her to protest to the court’s attorney general who finally granted her permission..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-15
Today, April 15, 2009, marks the one year mark since the military sentences issued against 40 MB leaders despite their being civilians who pleaded innocent to the same charges pressed against them martially in the natural civil judicature except that the nature of differences between the Egyptian regime and the MB makes military trials the best method, in the eyes of the Egyptian regime, for eliminating the biggest Egyptian opposition force...

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-14
Judicial Independence leader Mahmud El-Khodeiry affirmed in a statement to Ikhwanweb the absence of any retreat on the trend’s part despite its defeat in the Judges of Egypt elections and last Friday’s elections for the Judges of Alexandria Club..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-13
The families of the ten detained students from Fayoum University stressed that their children had been exposed to different forms of restrictions, intransigence and abuse as they were transferred from Bandar El-Fayoum prison to the public Demo prison and were placed in one room called the "Chamber of Discipline" room, deprived from visits, were having only one meal a day and were not allowed to go to the toilet except once a day, despite their unhealed wounds and injuries which was cau..

by: Mostafa Radwan 2009-4-13
Member of the MB Parliamentary Bloc MP Hasanein El-Shoura requested an urgent briefing from the Minister of Interior, PM, and Ministry of Interior on the terror that has permeated many governorates in Egypt following the increase in child kidnappings and the mysterious fate awaiting these missing children on the one hand, and the absence of full explanations and transparency on the part of the Ministry of Interior in its dealing with this matter leaving families to fall prey to rumors ..

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