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A Policy Paper written by Faisal Devji, University Reader in History and Fellow of St Antony’s College at the University of Oxford, exclusively for Conflicts Forum...

The continued expansion of Israeli settlements in the West Bank seems to have finally locked in the permanence of Israel’s colonial project...

The latest issue of Cultures of Resistance (Volume 01 / Issue 03)..

by: Alastair Crooke 2009-12-5
Whilst America has been absorbed by the Afghan election imbroglio, a less-noticed event slid into place in the Middle East...

“Sincerely speaking” said General Dayton, “…as far I am concerned, Hamas is a political issue. I do not interfere in this matter”. “I would appreciate if you do not ask me political questions”, he continued, “because as a soldier I do not speak in politics”. Such innocuous protests from General Dayton – who, since 2005, has been the US Security Coordinator for the Palestinians – are untrue..

Many commentators on Islam make the same mistake: They instinctively assume that Muslim resistance to western globalisation reflects the inability of Muslims to accept the social and structural change that ‘modernity’ requires. Muslims, in this view, fail to rise above the ‘closed’ world of cultural traditions, and to embrace change. They shy away from, or react against the ‘choice’ offered by modernity...

by: Chafiq Jaredah 2009-10-19
It is appropriate to adopt caution, and to beware making hasty analysis, when it comes to passing judgment on problematic issues, whose dimensions, meanings and significance are unclear: One such issue that falls into this zone requiring caution and patience is the discourse centred around what is known as Political Islam...

by: Alastair Crooke 2009-7-10
The troubles that followed the Iranian Presidential elections have – with rare exceptions – been misread by the Western press and policymakers; it was not an East European model ‘colour revolution’; nor was Presidential candidate Mir Hussein Mousavi’s movement an uprising of libera..

by: Alastair Crooke 2009-3-13
In the mechanistic template imposed by western leaders on the Middle East, of ‘moderates’ who must be supported versus ‘extremists’ who must be isolated and undermined, Hamas has to be painted, by mechanical necessity alone, as ‘extremists’. Hamas has become the ‘extremists’ to answer in neat symmetry to the ‘moderates’ of Ramallah, who for other reasons American and European leaders wish in any event to support...

by: Professor Ahmad Moussalli* 2009-3-13
This essay constructs and deconstructs three main discourses created by different and opposing trends in modern Islamic thought that are normally and mistakenly lumped together as Islamism, fundamentalism, salafism, neo-salafism, Wahhabism, jihadism, political Islam, Islamic radicalism and others. I will compare and contrast between them by developing a typology of major ideologies of active Islamic trends that centers specifically on Wahhabism and neo-Wahhabism, salafism and neo-salaf..

by: Alastair Crooke 2009-2-7
The early Zionists never believed they would be accepted in the Arab world and pinned their hopes on the non-Arab periphery instead, particularly Iran. Israel reversed that policy by opening talks with a weakened Arafat in the early 1990s. But peace with the Palestinians did not happen and the ‘radicals’ grew more radical..

by: Mark Perry and Bitter Lemons 2009-2-1
We await the arrival of Barack Obama. Some believe he will work wonders. Others aren’t so sure. This uncertainty has forced the hand of our citizens, who scramble to shape the ground he will walk. It is under the guise of influencing public attitudes that commentators have most recently focused on crucial issues. But make no mistake: the audience is him. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our nation’s editorial pages, where Israel’s invasion of Gaza has eclipsed all questions. Risin..

Salafist websites persist in their acute verbal offensive against Hezbollah, Iran and the Shi’i generally - but now with greater ferocity:..

by: Mark Perry and Bitter Lemons 2008-11-21
I once asked one of my Palestinian friends what he thought the United States should do to help the peoples of the Middle East. He was incredulous: “Haven’t you done enough?” In retrospect that pained reply seems the perfect answer to my presumption: I’m from America and I’m here to help...

by: Ayman Mohamad 2008-10-19
Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a key Sunni thinker and religious commentator, has accused Iran of being behind a new wave of Shi’i ‘expansion’ that threatens the existence of Sunni Islam in Egypt and other Muslim countries1...

by: Arun Kundnani, Institute of Race Relations 2008-9-7
Policy Exchange, the Social Affairs Unit and the Centre for Social Cohesion are driving the political agenda on Muslims in Britain while thinktanks on the left are largely silent...

Cultures of Resistance Activism Forum is a project that aims to address the Western hostile use of language intended to restrict debate related to mainstream Islamist movements and currents. The project will explore more effective means to respond ..

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2008-3-4
I woke up on Wednesday February 20th on the news of the arrest of Khaled Hamza Salam, IkhwanWeb.com co-editor in chief...

by: Ibrahim El Houdaiby 2008-2-26
Those who believe that the ongoing crackdowns on the Muslim Brotherhood by the Egyptian regime will cause a major setback for the country’s largest and most powerful civil opposition group are definitely mistaken. Brotherhood members are an integral living part of the Egyptian society who can never be marginalized. In fact, the only possible outcome for such crackdowns is increasing the group’s popularity and radicalizing political Islam...

The Bill and Sally Hambrecht Distinguished Peacemakers Lectures at AUB — Lecture by Alastair Crooke, The Issam Fares Institute for Public Policy and International Affairs,..

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