Cairo Antiwar Conference Pledges Solidarity With Egyptian Opposition
Cairo Antiwar Conference Pledges Solidarity With Egyptian Opposition
Monday, May 28,2007 22:27
By Abd Mon’em Mahmoud
The 5th Cairo Antiwar conference began its activities yesterday amidst heavy media coverage. The conference was co-hosted by the Muslim Brotherhood and witnessed the birth of the first of its kind "Children For Freedom" movement which was the focus of the attention during the conference. Children For Freedom was formed by children of the opposition leaders currently jailed by the Egyptian regime. The children wore t-shirts with laser printed pictures of their loved ones behind bars. Colorful posters filled the conference hall protesting military tribunals for civilian opposition leaders in Egypt and called for their freedom. IKhwanweb will provide full coverage of the conference"s events as soon as it becomes available.
For more than five years, the Cairo Conference has been a key meeting place for those opposing war and occupation from Iraq , Palestine , Egypt and the international anti-war movement.The event brings together delegates from the global social movements, the international anti-war movement, the trade unions, the left and radical parties and the national liberation movements. It will build links of solidarity between those involved in
the struggle against imperialism and neo-liberalism across the globe. At last year’s conference over 2,000 people crammed into the Egyptian journalist union’s building to hear speakers from Egypt , Palestine , Europe and Iran . A wide spectrum of the Egyptian
opposition, including the Muslim Brotherhood, Nasserist groups, socialists, trade unions and peasant organizations were represented. The Third Cairo Social Forum will take place alongside the conference. The Forum is an open space, accessible to all who agree on the principles of the conference. In previous years writers and artists; independent workers’ groups and trade unionists; the Egyptian medical syndicate; the Egyptian Bar Association; the Egyptian Journalists Union; independent women’s organizations and activists; independent farmers’ groups; human rights activists, cinema, theater and cultural groups have organized events at the Forum.