Spokesman: Despite Relentless Oppression, Muslim Brotherhood Intact and Functioning
Spokesman: Despite Relentless Oppression, Muslim Brotherhood Intact and Functioning
Wednesday, September 26,2018 20:52

Dr. Talaat Fahmy, spokesman for the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, condemned the latest sentences by the Al Menia Criminal Court, south of Cairo, of one person to death sentence, and 64 others to life, including Chairman Dr. Mohammad Badie in the case known in the media as Al 'Adwa events, describing them as politicized rulings and an episode of the "series of vengeful and indiscriminate rulings perpetrated by the judiciary of the murderous coup against the Muslim Brotherhood leaders."   

Fahmi said in a telephone interview, Sunday evening, on Al Watan TV that "these unjust rulings come as part of the ongoing oppression against Dr. Mohammed Badie as the symbol and leader of the group, in an attempt to break the steadfastness and will of the group and its rejection  of the coup”

He pointed out that "this case is fabricated and that the judiciary is obstinate in preventing necessary medicines, and visit, which is a squander of all values, principles and laws."

The Muslim Brotherhood's media spokesman confirmed that "these rulings will not intimidate the group or deter it from pursuing  its ultimate goal, liberating the homeland from the clutches of the oppressors, despite the massacres and slow killings in prisons, and will remain a stumbling block in the way of tyrants."

He stressed that despite unprecedented oppression, the structure of the group and its organizations at home and abroad is not affected, and still well and functioning.