Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Hamas on Recent Elections
Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Hamas on Recent Elections
Tuesday, May 9,2017 17:39

The Muslim Brotherhood salutes and congratulates the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) on electing its new leadership, with Ismail Haniyeh assuming the political responsibility of the movement, replacing the leader Khaled Meshaal who dedicated all his life and spared no efforts in the service of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the cause of Palestine. We pray to God to enable him to give even more for his people and the nation.

The Muslim Brotherhood congratulates the leader, Haniyeh, and reminds him of the great responsibility he carries. He has to trust in and beware of God in secret and in public, and to follow the path of the righteous Salaf. The lives of our great leaders, Al-Banna, Qutb, Yassin and Rantissi should inspire him with wisdom and sacrifice.

Hamas and other resistance movements in Palestine are the cornerstone that still prevents the Zionist project from moving forward on the path of death and destruction for peoples and territories. This is why every patriotic, honorable person must support and provide the means of legitimate resistance to Hamas, until our sanctities and our Arab and Muslim lands are liberated from Zionist occupation.

Muslim Brotherhood