Aqrab Detainees' Families Association Protests Notorious Jail's Absurd Visiting Rules
Aqrab Detainees' Families Association Protests Notorious Jail's Absurd Visiting Rules
Saturday, December 26,2015 11:51

 The Families of Aqrab Detainees Association (FADA) is launching an appeal and a protest against the absurd 'one-minute' visits to their unjustly jailed loved ones at the brutal Aqrab Prison. FADA is using a new Hashtag saying "one minute is not enough" or #‏دقيقة_مش_كفاية

Having deprived us of our right to visit our loved ones at Aqrab Prison for long months, coup regime authorities announced we could visit detainees at the jail otherwise known as Aqrab Graveyard. However, we were shocked to find a real tragic and brutal situation, no less criminal than the total ban that had been imposed on all visits.

These 'show' visits are limited to only one minute or two at the most, from behind a glass barrier, using telephones where officers listen-in on every word we say. After the end of the minute, officers supervising visits cut off electricity in visiting cabins, so we can no longer hear our relatives on the 'phone nor see them in the sudden darkness. Moreover, many families are turned away and not allowed to visit, even if they have a valid permit from the prosecution office.

We – families of Aqrab detainees – stress that this is certainly not the visit we are legally entitled to. This is simply a charade, a treacherous maneuver intended to deceive local and international human rights organizations and public opinion, after the whole world heard of the escalation of violations against Aqrab detainees and their families, and in preparation for a planned visit by the National Council for Human Rights.

In fact, we underline that the situation at Aqrab Prison remains unchanged: All food, clothing, blankets and essential medicines are banned, while the prison administration continues to deliberately deny political prisoners any health care, and – as mentioned above – the duration of visits are extremely limited.

We – families of Aqrab detainees – that the law be applied which states that visits last one full hour per week for all pre-trial detainees, and one hour every two weeks for those who have been convicted. We also demand the cessation of all violations against our loved ones detained in Aqrab Prison.

We also appeal to all human rights organizations and all those concerned with the situation of human rights in Egypt to help the families of Aqrab detainees, to stop the injustice done to them by all possible means.

Families of Aqrab Detainees Association