Muslim Brotherhood to Al-Sisi: Election Wholly Null and Void
Muslim Brotherhood to Al-Sisi: Election Wholly Null and Void
Thursday, June 5,2014 18:02

The Muslim Brotherhood issued the following statement regarding the recent illegitimate presidential elections:

On the anniversary of the 1967 (war with Israel) setback, which was the natural result of the army 's preoccupation with politics at the time, the presidential elections committee announced the result of the recent blood ballot farce – which was ridiculed all over the world, as all nations watched Egyptians' persistent boycott of the cheap soap opera in its entirety.

In this regard, the Muslim Brotherhood affirms the following:

First: This result will not change any coup realities on the ground. Needless to say, what is built on falsehood is false itself.

Second: Our great people, along with the whole world, know that the real ruler of Egypt since the coup is that same murderer, and that he is responsible for all the tragic events that hit the country, including political, economic and social destruction. He is also primarily responsible for the genocide executed ruthlessly by his security forces, the army, the police and the judiciary. All these are crimes with no statute of limitations. Very soon, the people of this homeland will hold fair and prompt trials for these crimes, for the murderous mastermind and all his political, military and judicial henchmen.

Third: The end of the presidential blood ballot is the beginning of the last round of the conflict between our great people – of whom more than 90% boycotted that farce – and the coup. The result of the conflict is well known beforehand. The people shall not be defeated.

The Muslim Brotherhood is confident that this round will not take long, God willing, with the patriotic revolutionaries' steadfastness, selfless devotion and ingenuity in their peaceful revolt as all Egyptians rally around them in every inch of this country.

Very soon, the people will celebrate the end to the coup and reclaim their freedom and independence of will.

"They say: ‘When will that be?’ Say: ‘Sooner than you think’!" (Quran 17:51)

The Muslim Brotherhood

June 4, 2014