Bishr: Anti-Coup Alliance Communicating With Other Youth & Revolutionary Groups to Reach Consensus
Bishr: Anti-Coup Alliance Communicating With Other Youth & Revolutionary Groups to Reach Consensus
Sunday, November 24,2013 07:07

• Full legitimacy includes reinstating both chambers of the Parliament, since the decision to dissolve it was political.
• We have no right to sidestep President Morsi, because he was elected by the people. No-one has the right to sidestep popular will.

• With his legendary steadfastness and persistence, President Morsi has become a leader and a symbol of constitutional and legal legitimacy.

• We seek to start an all-inclusive national drive for Egypt that excludes no faction, group or movement.

• Our strategic vision released on November 16 is for the people of this homeland, not for the coup or the military-installed government
• The crisis in Egypt is now between two camps: one defending the Revolution and its gains; the other wants to take us back to the era of deposed Mubarak.

• Resolving the crisis starts with a dialogue that achieves genuine national reconciliation based on full constitutional legitimacy.

• We are taking solid steps communicating with youth, political, revolutionary and social movements, to try to achieve consensus according to the strategic vision.

• When Mubarak stepped down, he delegated his power to the military council, giving it legitimacy, which the people approved as a roadmap by referendum.

• I expect the military will review its actions, especially in relation to the killing of the people and the coup against legitimacy.

• The military coup cannot acquire legitimacy. Any referendum on the "constitution of darkness" is null and void since it's coming from an illegitimate body

• Al-Sisi rejected all democratic choices to achieve the demands of those who turned out in the June 30 demonstrations. Instead, he insisted on the illegitimate coup action.

• We do not compromise or lay to waste the sacrifices by the martyrs. We call for an urgent and transparent investigations of all crimes since the January 25, 2011 Revolution.

• From the outset of mediation efforts, we demanded on clearly declaring criteria and principles, we do are not accused of selling out, giving in or making secret deals away from the people of Egypt.

• We call on everyone to review their stances and experiences, in order to base all re-building efforts on sound foundations that achieve the Revolution’s objectives.

• When Al-Sisi is the potential presidential candidate, it transpires that he executed his coup for the chair.

• Violence charges against us are totally baseless, and the Muslim Brotherhood is completely innocent of all accusations made in the military-led media.

• Rabaa is a tragic milestone, a historical marker, a massacre never witnessed ever before in the history of Egypt.

• History will never forgive those who violate the most basic human rights. Those will not escape accountability, no matter how long it takes.

• History will not forgive killers of the revolutionaries and other human rights violations. Those will not escape accountability, no matter how long it takes.

• The coup is null and void, and so are all actions and processes building on it – unconstitutional, illegal.

• Military leaders executed their coup against constitutional and electoral legitimacy in order to take the country back to the tyrannical rule of one despot.

• We urge the consolidation of national unity against the murderous military coup, so as to restore the democratic path.

• Egypt’s judiciary should have distanced itself from involvement in this brutal coup.

• We gave a two-week window in which all the Egyptian people are invited to a dialogue, to ensure seriousness of the efforts