President Morsi: We Will Not Allow Aggression Against Palestinian People
President Morsi: We Will Not Allow Aggression Against Palestinian People
Sunday, October 28,2012 16:45

President Mohamed Morsi said, "Post-revolution Egypt has already announced its respect for and commitment to international agreements, conventions and accords. This does not mean we’d accept any assault on the Palestinians. We cannot rest or relax if we see our Palestinian brothers and sisters attacked, blockaded and cornered".

In his speech at the celebration of the first Muslim Advocates Day, Morsi affirmed that Egypt will not yield or halt its aid and assistance to the Palestinians, saying: "We cannot turn a blind eye to what’s happening to our people, our Palestinian brothers and sisters. We are of them and they are of us, our blood is their blood".

The President stressed that Egypt will not give up its role in supporting the Palestinian people and providing the assistance necessary for their basic survival, including food, medicine and supplies needed for daily living.

"We are not declaring war on anyone. But we announce clearly that the Palestinian people will not be abandoned. We stand with them against any aggression."

Furthermore, Morsi added that men are judged by their attitudes and positions, not by rumors and false reports, and that the people and President of Egypt embrace the Palestinian cause most clearly, "whatever Palestinians decided, we are with him".

"I do not pay attention to trivialities, like what’s being said about a fabricated or false letter."

The President emphasized that his actions and not rumors, reflect his general discourse. He further pointed that his position regarding the Palestinian cause is clear and does not need elaboration.