President Morsi Orders Authorities to Provide Full Security to All Families in Egypt’s Sinai
President Morsi Orders Authorities to Provide Full Security to All Families in Egypt’s Sinai
Monday, October 1,2012 00:18

Dr. Yasser Ali, Egypt’s Presidential spokesman, affirmed that President Mohamed Morsi’s directives to General Sayyed Abdel-Fattah Harhour, the North Sinai Governor, and to security chiefs, from the outset, were to provide safety and protection for all the people of the Sinai peninsula, Muslims and Christians.

In a press statement, Saturday, Dr. Ali said that the Christian family in Rafah moving away from the area was a private decision taken by the family as a precautionary measure, feeling threatened, after hearing gun-shots fired outside a shop owned by an Egyptian Christian citizen.

Dr. Ali added, "The presidential institution does not condone any displacement of any citizen in any forced way. All citizens have equal shares in this homeland, Muslims and Christians alike. President Morsi is paying particular attention to all cases of displacement. This is part of his platform and promise.

"President Morsi gave clear directives to the North Sinai Governor to urgently provide necessary protection for all citizens living in Sinai. In the short term, the government’s goal is to impose security throughout the Sinai region and eliminate hotbeds of criminal activity and lawlessness by removing firearms from the entire region, and arresting thugs and outlaws who cause sedition and violence."

Dr. Ali further added that evidently, people panic when quarrels break out between Muslims and Christians; but not when they are between citizens of the same religion.

"The Presidency rejects any distinction or discrimination between citizens. It considers them all equal. This is especially clear in President Morsi’s platform.

"The military operation in the Sinai is going well, even though it is not easy, due to the rugged nature of the region where operations are being carried out, as well as the tribal situations there. President Morsi has issued instructions for forces not to confuse the innocent with the culprits – as happened in the past."

The Presidential spokesman confirmed that trouble in the Sinai comes as a result of accumulations over long decades, and that imposing full security in the Sinai will be successful only after development of all the region’s areas.