Dr. Khattab: Brotherhood’s Badie Art Statements Bode Well
Dr. Khattab: Brotherhood’s Badie Art Statements Bode Well
Wednesday, February 22,2012 07:41

 Dr. Sayed Khattab, Chairman of the Egyptian Board of Censors, and cinema and drama Professor at the Institute of Performing Arts, said he is not concerned of the Muslim Brotherhood entering the field of cinema and artistic production.

In a statement, Dr. Khattab said, "I do not think anyone fears the Brotherhood scarecrow anymore. I am one of the strongest proponents in this arena calling for the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and others to promote the Film industry and accelerate their involvement into film production. I believe any upcoming political leadership must shoulder the responsibility of raising the capacity of Egyptian film and drama production. The Brotherhood are a real asset in movie industry revival, especially in light of the low standards prevailing today in Egyptian movie production, and the fact that the Egyptian cinema industry is passing through a period of crises and strife, with film production rate reaching only 10% of real capacity.

"I call on the Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party to adopt the project of building movie theaters and the reactivation of the role of cinemas in closed and marginalized cities and villages, and re-developing those movie houses", the Professor of drama and criticism added.

Dr. Khattab went on, saying, "The statements of Dr. Mohamed Badie, the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, regarding the arts, and his pledges not to limit, impede or control the ideas of creators and innovators, or actual film products – in return for commitment to intellectual and artistic standards – promise a bright future that will witness great competition for the creation of refined entertainment and inspired works, and an end to purely commercial cinema. I am certainly optimistic of the future: no more falling into the pit of cheesy, beastly art from now on. So, what’s coming must be a climb to the sublime".