Muslim Brotherhood in Syria to the World: Time to Intervene to End Horrific Massacres
Muslim Brotherhood in Syria to the World: Time to Intervene to End Horrific Massacres
Monday, February 6,2012 17:48

Spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), in Syria Zoheir Salem, stated that it was not surprising that Syria's leader, Bashar Al-Assad continued with his murders against Syrian protestors Friday as the world and the Arab League remained silent believing the fabricated lies.

In a statement the Syrian MB, stressed: "It is not surprising that Bashar al-Assad continue his massacres where on Friday alone three hundred people where killed after hearing words of support during Friday's sermon by Al-Sayed Khamenei, who announced his support of the Syrian regime. So long as the world and its NGOs remain silent and fail to defend these people and denounce the killings of innocent people who demand a free and just life, the horrific killings will continue". 

The statement continued: "Despite the countless killings and the oppression practiced against the Syrians, Al-Assad will never silence the people. The revolution will continue until all demands are met, the people crave a life of freedom, dignity and justice".

The statement called on the Red Crescent and Red Cross to move quickly and rescue the injured Syrians across the border after Al-Assad attempted to turn Homs into a battlefield killing the residents practicing genocide". 

In conclusion the statement called on the Arab League and the UN Security Council to form an international committee to determine the legal and humanitarian responsibility of those who ordered the horrific massacre which took place and to turn those responsible over to the International Criminal Court.