MB Calls for Halting Police Aggression, Securing Squares for Peaceful Protesters
MB Calls for Halting Police Aggression, Securing Squares for Peaceful Protesters
Thursday, November 24,2011 07:47

 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) decisions and attitudes are always based on a carefully studied view balanced between reason and emotion, in compliance with the enlightened rules and principles of Sharia (Islamic Law), away from private interests and “agendas”. This was the reason why we did not partake in recent events. Our assessment of the situation is that there is a plot to cause chaos and use it as an excuse to deprive the people of the benefits of democracy and further delay the handover of power from the military to an elected civilian authority. We, therefore, decided to persist in endeavours to complete the democratic process, one of the most important objectives of the January 25 Revolution, and not to be lured into this perilous plot.

Unfortunately, this decision has been misunderstood and misinterpreted by some. They harshly criticised and slandered the Muslim Brotherhood. We forgive all this abuse and slander, and highlight the following facts:

*   The young people who have been incensed by scenes of brutal attacks by security and military police forces on the protesters, and rushed to Tahrir Square to support and join the demonstrators, are purely patriotic youths and sincere citizens.

*   The aggression against them is a heinous crime.

*   Had we participated in these demonstrations, there would have been tremendous escalation of violence, murder and sabotage. The tragic results would have led to a disastrous setback for all the goals of the January 25 Revolution.

*   Had we been out to secure our own interests and reap popularity on the political street, going down to Tahrir Square would have been just the way to do that. But we refrained from rash action, despite the harsh criticism levelled at us from either plotting foes or sincere people who do not have the information we have.

*   Our determination that elections shall be held on time is not out of a desire to win seats in parliament – all this is up in the air – but in order to start democratic steps for the establishment of state institutions (Parliament - Constitution - Government - President of the Republic), that is: transfer of power from the military to an elected civilian authority, as soon as possible.

*   We issued two statements yesterday and the day before that, in which we explained our position. We also sent letters to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and to the noble, free and selfless youth of Egypt and the great Egyptian people, and to politicians, intellectuals and journalists. Our efforts were not confined to issuing statements, we have also been communicating with all concerned parties, which resulted in some positive actions and decisions. We still await completion of these efforts. Those positive issues include:

-       A pledge by the police and the army to stop the killing, aggression and violence, to consider the squares safe areas, recognising the constitutional right of the people to peaceful protest, demonstrations and sit-ins with no violence against private and public property and state institutions.

-       A set date for the presidential election, which will be the point at which full power (legislative and executive) shall be handed over to elected civilian institutions.

-       Confirmation that parliamentary elections shall be held as scheduled.

-       Acceptance of the resignation of Essam Sharaf’s government.

Decisions we are still waiting for are:

-       Fast-tracking trials of all those officers and officials suspected of ordering or carrying out the killing and wounding of citizens. Those shall be held accountable for their crimes.

-       Replacing Dr. Ali Selmi and the ministers of interior and information immediately, for being directly responsible for triggering public anger.

-       Ridding the Ministry of Interior of officers who hate and deride the great Egyptian people, who plot for revenge and wreak their vengeance on the people in vicious, ferocious attacks – including use of asphyxiating gases – in weird and outlandish scenes alien to the Egyptian people, values ??and morals, as witnessed by all.

-    Rapid compensation for the families of the martyrs and the injured and ensure their treatment at the expense of the state.

-    Immediate unequivocal apology to the Egyptian people for the crimes committed and the violation of their rights, and for the tens of thousands of fallen martyrs and wounded during the past three days.

The above is sufficient to absorb part of the Egyptian people’s anger.

May Allah protect Egypt and its people from sedition, strife and all evil
The Muslim Brotherhood
Cairo: 27 of Dhu al-Hijjah 1432 H corresponding to 23 November 2011