Egyptian Opposition’s Facebook Groups Disappear
Egyptian Opposition’s Facebook Groups Disappear
Friday, November 26,2010 23:26

On Thursday November 25, 2010, many facebook groups such as “Monitoring the Unit of 2010 Parliamentary Elections”, “El-Baradei as a President for Egypt”, and “We are all Khaled Saeed” were mysteriously eliminated from the social networking site.

Almost 300,000 people are members of “Baradei as a President for Egypt in 2010” as well as the same number in “We Are all Khaled Saeed” facebook groups.

Facebook users and activists do not rule out the possibility that the two groups were under a “report campaign” which is a method to alert the administration of Facebook about the existence of an abusive group which  would ultimately result in the closing or deleting of  the group’s page if the reports exceed a certain number.

Activists pointed out that the page could be blocked in Egypt only and suggested that a governmental campaign is behind the disappearance of the two groups, especially after a new case of torture in Sidi Gaber police station was discovered. Activists accused a police officer and two informants of killing “Alexandria’s martyr".