Zionist settlers provoke new clashes in OJ
Zionist settlers provoke new clashes in OJ
Monday, October 11,2010 16:02

  Violent confrontations took place on Sunday between Jerusalemites and Zionist settlers backed by Israeli occupation police in the vicinity of the Qirsh family home in the Old City of occupied Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the confrontations took place when the settlers occupying the Qirsh family building for the past two months in Saadiya alley threw the remaining furniture of the family outside the building.

The act provoked the family members especially when occupation police supported the step.

Policemen cordoned off the vicinity of the building to block arrival of Jerusalemite citizens to back the affected family.

Mazen Qirsh, the eldest son in the family, said that what happened was a decisive step reflecting intention to seize control of the building once and for all despite the fact that a court ruling in this matter is still to be issued.