Political forces unite against the tyranny of the Egyptian regime
Political forces unite against the tyranny of the Egyptian regime
Tuesday, August 10,2010 08:28

 The recent arrests against members of the Muslim Brotherhood prompted angry responses from opposing politicians who took part in the “Seven Demands Campaign”.

The politicians agreed that the use of violence and security's continued  suppression of the opposition by the police and security forces  illustrates the regime's increasing anxiety from the campaign launched calling for political reform and constitutional amendments which has secured more than half a million signatures so far.
Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, Assistant Secretary General of the MB Parliamentary bloc stressed that the increasing wave of arrests against the MB members highlights  that the campaign is achieving its goals demonstrating that the number of Egyptian citizens who completely  reject the State of Emergency, tyranny and injustice is increasing dramatically.
He stressed that this is the second campaign by the MB in Alexandria in one week, and the regime was attempting to send threat messages and intimidate them by arresting them. He added that these practices were extremely unacceptable and the MB and other political forces will continue to work collectively towards attaining change.
Dr. Hassan Nafaa, General Co-ordinator of the National Association for Change (NAC), stressed that the government may increase its arrests against the campaigners following its huge success stressing that it was imperative that each individual be prepared to sacrifice their freedom stressing that anyone involved in the call for change is subject to injustice.He called on all national and political forces, movements, human rights organizations and civil society organizations to unite together and stand against justice and tyranny.
Nafaa claimed that the “NAC will take any necessary actions to support detainees and will persuade all human rights organizations to work on the case to face the fierce security harassments.
Dr. Ayman Nour, Founder of al-Ghad party stated that the regime's behaviour is an unethical crime which reveals the exploitation of the law. He affirmed that the government is taking an obstinate stance against the Egyptian people’s demands for peaceful reform, leaving no room for dialogue causing extreme outrage amongst the people.
Dr. Nour condemned the arrest of MB leader Ali Abdel Fattah, describing the arrest as blatant proof of the failure of the Egyptian regime which has repeatedly arrested him 20 times levelling him with differing fabricated charges every time.He condemned the arrest and use of arbitrary measures against MB members calling for the immediate release of all political detainees.