The Aqsa Foundation warns against march for daily raids on the Aqsa Mosque
The Aqsa Foundation warns against march for daily raids on the Aqsa Mosque
Tuesday, July 13,2010 08:17

The Aqsa Foundation for Endowments and Heritage warned of the announcement by several Israeli groups that they would march off the Aqsa Mosque’s western and northern entrances.

They also planned a sit-in at the end of the march at the mosque’s Babul Rahma (Gate of Mercy) on Monday, punctuated with the announcement of documents by the groups calling for daily raids on the Aqsa Mosque, it elaborated.

The Aqsa Foundation said in a statement on Monday that the Zionist groups called for the march and sit-in through their websites.

The Foundation said, “The Aqsa Mosque is the exclusive right of the Muslims, and is not the right of non-Muslims, even one grain of dust inside of it, and this madness by these Jewish groups supported by Zionist official institutions is nothing but part of a chain of attacks on the Aqsa Mosque; but we Muslims will always remain constant in our presence at the Aqsa Mosque.”

It pointed out that, according to announcements and news reports circulated by the Zionist groups in their websites, the groups called for gathering at 7:00 pm (local time) in the Buraq courtyard, and will immediately begin their march heading towards the mosque’s entrances from the west and north, and ending at a sit-in opposite the Gate of Mercy.

The monthly march usually includes hostile chants against Arabs and Muslims and demands construction of the alleged temple, the Foundation concluded.