Delegation of Neturei Karta visits Jerusalemite MPs tent
Delegation of Neturei Karta visits Jerusalemite MPs tent
Saturday, July 10,2010 16:16

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, The Jewish group the Neturei Karta has declared solidarity with the Jerusalemite MPs threatened with deportation from their holy city.

Representatives of the group visited the sit-in tent pitched by those deputies in the Red Cross headquarters in Sheikh Jarrah suburb in occupied Jerusalem in protest over the Israeli occupation authority's deportation order against them.

The Jewish team members carried placards in various languages against occupation and its policies and supporting the Palestinian people.

A spokesman for the delegation expressed absolute solidarity with the deputies and the Palestinian people, saying that the group considers itself as part of the Palestinian people.

He added that Neturei Karta does not recognize Israel and supports the Palestinian people's right to statehood with Jerusalem as capital of their state.