Israeli Schemes For Displacing Jerusalem, Negev Palestinians
Saturday, February 24,2007 00:00
By Wadih Ouaoda,
Israeli communist member of Knesset (MK), Dov Chanin, revealed that Tel Aviv is displacing tens of thousands of Palestinians to send them to other territories, calling on foreign embassies to intervene to stop these violations.
The communist MK Dov Chanin pointed out that there are about 35 thousand Palestinians who live within 1967 occupied territories which the occupation plans to include them to Israeli sovereignty along with settlement of Maale Adomim.
Chanin confirmed, during a field tour around the path of the apartheid barrier in Jerusalem, that the Israeli government is exercising severe pressures and bargains over residents of the tribes of Al Kaabna and Ghalin to displace them from their territories.
He pointed out in a letter with maps and documents sent to the foreign embassies in Tel Aviv that dismissing residents of the region a serious crime and a new displacement operation against the Palestinians, hinting that they are deep-rooted in the area and earn their living from raising livestock and farming.
Chanin called, in a statement to, for fighting such a project that he described as "new transfer", pointing out that Israel has exploited the Palestinians’ preoccupation with Al-Aqsa issue to approve one of its most hideous crimes.
"Territory encroachment, building barriers and displacements in East Jerusalem can are actually called looting of territories, destruction to their wealths, displacement to their citizens and a persistence in torturing them, aiming at imposing a deformed reality on the ground" he added.
Chanin confirmed that The apartheid barrier in the region of Maale Adumim colony swallows 64 thousand donums through including Palestinian villages in addition to dividing The West Bank into two isolated cantons, one of them includes Nablus, Ramallah and the second consists of Hebron and Bethlehem.
He added that this " means emptying the idea of a neighboring Palestinian state from its meaning". He also lashed at the Israeli and international press which is considered an accomplice in the crime with its silence despite its dangers and hideousness.
It is worth mentioning that Palestinian Israeli environmentalists warn of the Barrier’s bad environmental effects in this region as it is distinguished by its rarity as much as nature and history are concerned; the neighboring valley of Al Qalt linking Jerusalem and Jericho has three of the oldest monasteries in the world.
 Air Destruction
In a related context, the so called "Directorate of Israeli Lands" destroyed 3500 donum of the agricultural crops belonging to the Negev Bedouins, through using chemical insecticides sprayed by planes before plowing them, under the claim that they are state-owned lands.
The head of the Regional Council for the Unrecognized Villages in the Negev, Hassan Rafai’a, pointed out in a statement entitled "racism against land, human beings" that Israel has been recently intensifying the operations of judaizing the Negev Desert under the pretext of developing the Negev and under the sponsorship of Shimon Peres the Deputy Prime Minister.
"We sent several messages to the United Nations and western countries but in vain; however, this won’t prevent us from sticking to our lands whatever the price " he added.