Families in Al-Khalil appeal for transferring political prisoners from Jericho
Families in Al-Khalil appeal for transferring political prisoners from Jericho
Sunday, November 8,2009 08:09

 Five families of Palestinian political prisoners in the city of Al-Khalil appealed to all officials and human rights organization to intervene with the Palestinian Authority (PA) in Ramallah and get their imprisoned sons and husbands transferred from its jails in Jericho to Al-Khalil in order to alleviate their travel suffering.

The mother of prisoner Ahmed Al-Aweiwi said that she and her family suffered greatly after their son was detained in Jericho as a result of the long destination which need three hours of costly travel from Al-Khalil.

The mother of two other prisoners called Muhannad and Musab Nayroukh also complained about the same thing, adding that she is suffering from difficult financial conditions and living a miserable life after the Israeli occupation authorities demolished her home and the PA kidnapped her only two sons.

For her part, the wife of prisoner Wa’el Al-Beitar complained about the harsh living conditions she is suffering from after her husband was kidnapped by the PA and her health deteriorated badly making her unable to support her family.

All the families called on the PA to release their sons and husbands from its jails and stop alleging that there are security reasons behind their detention.

In another context, it was reported that Mahmoud Abbas’s militias kidnapped during the last two days nine Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas in the districts of Al-Khalil, Tubas, Qalqiliya, and Salfit.