Israeli Knesset speaker warns Netanyahu not to accept roadmap plan
Israeli Knesset speaker warns Netanyahu not to accept roadmap plan
Sunday, June 14,2009 04:04

Israeli Knesset speaker Reuven Rivlin has called Thursday for a peace deal that would enable the Zionists to settle anywhere in occupied Palestine, warning Israeli premier Binyamin Netanyahu not to accept the roadmap plan as it is rejected by most of the Israelis.


Rivlin made these statements as he paid a visit to Israeli settlements built on usurped Palestinian land in the West Bank where he asserted that no settlement would be evacuated and that he would come back and visit the existing settlements after 20 years.


"Prime minister Netanyahu should tell the truth to the Americans, and he should reach a peace agreement that would entitle the Jews to settle anywhere in the land of Israel", Rivlin was quoted as saying to Israeli settlers during the tour.


He added, "everybody should understand that the ultimate result of implementing the roadmap plan is to return to the borders of the fourth of June 1967, which the great majority of the Israelis are rejecting".


According to Rivlin, all political leaders of the Israeli parties save the Arabs and the Mertez party were also rejecting the idea of the roadmap plan, alleging that Netanyahu was interested in reaching a peace settlement with the Palestinians but he (Rivlin) doesn’t know whether Netanyahu believes in the two-state solution.


"The Arab-Israeli struggle was the source of the Palestinian issue, and thus, we should settle that dispute before talking about the two-state solution; however, such scenario wouldn’t happen unless the Arab states recognize us as a state", The Israeli official pointed out.


The Israeli occupation authority has publicly rejected calls from US president Barack Obama to freeze the construction of settlement in the West Bank and Jerusalem, and to implement the roadmap plan.