Egyptian Security Forces Disperse Rabia al-Adawiya’s Pro-Gaza Protest, Dozens Arrested
Egyptian Security Forces Disperse Rabia al-Adawiya’s Pro-Gaza Protest, Dozens Arrested
Friday, February 6,2009 07:26
By Mostafa Radwan

Egyptian security forces dispersed a demonstration that the Muslim Brotherhood group called for holding on Friday Feb, 6th, in Cairo in front of Rabia al-Adawiya mosque.
The security forces cordoned the mosque which is located it Nasr City , north of Cairo , and turned the area into a military barracks.

After the demonstration was aborted and people were denied access to the place of the protest, 3 other demonstrations were held in Nasr City: At Geneina Mall, Nuri Khattab mosque and at the Medical Insurance Hospital in Nasr City.

The security forces even beat demonstrators in the three other demonstrations, injuring several persons and rounding up dozens others. Hand-to-hand skirmishes happened also between the demonstrators and central security soldiers.

For his part, Ahmed Diab, the Secretary-General of the Muslim Brotherhood"s parliamentary bloc, told Ikhwanweb that despites these security assaults, demonstrations will continue so long as the Zionist entity maintains its threats of launching an aggression on Gaza Strip and as long as this entity maintains its blockade on the Strip.

"The Egyptian people won"t remain silent towards these injustices", said Dr. Diab adding that these protests are the least that Egyptian people can offer to Gaza people to show them them that they back them in this battle.

It is worth noting that Mohamed Mahdi Akef, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, appealed on Wednesday afternoon to the Egyptian, Arab and Muslim peoples and freemen all over the world to work for preventing a possible Zionist aggression on Gaza .

Akef also called for immediately holding worldwide protests and demonstrations to sway the Zionists from implementing their criminal acts against civilians and innocent people in Gaza . He also called for continuous actions to have the blockade lifted and the crossings opened especially a permanent and complete opening of the Gaza-Egypt Rafah crossing