Public March to Mubarak’s Palace Protesting Gas Exports to Israel
Public March to Mubarak’s Palace Protesting Gas Exports to Israel
Monday, May 12,2008 12:10

The Egyptian Public Campaign Against Exporting Gas to Israel is organizing a peaceful march beginning from the Nile bridge down to Al-Oruba Presidential Palace on May 20, the Egyptian daily Al Masry Al Youm reported Monday.

The campaign, entitled “No to the Gas Setback”, published a statement recently concerning their future plans and procedures to push the Egyptian government to cancel its Gas contract with Israel.

Such procedures included staging a series of protests in different provinces of Egypt, collecting signatures of the Egyptian citizens in a petition calling for canceling the Gas contract between both Egypt and Israel and calling for meeting the Egyptian President, in addition to other procedures declared by the campaign, particularly concerning raising the Egyptian citizen’s awareness towards the case.

The General coordinator of the public campaign “No to Gas Setback”, Anwar Esmat Al-Sadat, stated that they have plans for holding a public tribunal to all those involved in the Gas agreement with Israel, and calling for the retirement of the minister responsible for the agreement. He added that there is a short-term plan, until June 5, full of actions to press the Egyptian government to cancel the Gas contract with Israel as soon as possible.