Hamas warns Olmert not to commit follies against Palestinian people
Hamas warns Olmert not to commit follies against Palestinian people
Thursday, March 27,2008 14:32

The Hamas Movement warned the Israeli occupation against perpetrating any follies against the Palestinian people in the wake of the threats made by Israeli premier Ehud Olmert to intensify the aggression on Gaza, holding it responsible for repercussions of its terrorist policy against the Palestinian people.

In a press statement received by the PIC, Fawzi Barhoum underlined that those threats confirm Olmert"s intention to commit more massacres against the Palestinian people, adding that these crimes would be a cover for Israel"s settlement expansion in the usurped Palestinian lands.

In another context, Tzipi Livni, the Israeli foreign minister, called in her speech during a symposium in occupied Jerusalem on the PA to intensify its oppressive operations against the Palestinian resistance if it wants the negotiations to go on.

In the same context, the IOA agreed to provide the PA security apparatuses in Ramallah with a number of armored vehicles during the coming period in a bid to strengthen PA chief Mahmoud Abbas in the context of an inclusive plan prepared by American general Keith Dayton for the rehabilitation of hundreds of security elements loyal to Abbas.

Putting Dayton"s plan into further action, the Israeli government also allowed hundreds of PA security elements to receive military training in Jordan in addition to training being conducted under the supervision of American officers in Jericho.

In another serious development, the Israeli foreign minister reiterated her refusal of the Palestinian refugees" right to return to their lands, saying the establishment of a Palestinian state depends on ending the demands placed by the Palestinians on Israel including the right of return.

In this regard, the legal committee in the PLC had warned strongly the PA chief of waiving occupied Jerusalem and the right of return especially after he refused to sign bills issued by the council forbidding and criminalizing the relinquishing of the Palestinian rights.