Salah: IOA plans biggest synagogue inside the Aqsa
Salah: IOA plans biggest synagogue inside the Aqsa
Friday, January 11,2008 10:50

Prominent Palestinian Muslim leader Sheikh Raed Salah has unveiled that the Israeli occupation authorities were planning to build the biggest synagogue in the world inside the plazas of the Aqsa Mosque.

In an interview with the Islam online website published Wednesday, Salah, who heads the Islamic Movement inside the 1948-occupied Palestinian lands, said that the new IOA document includes big engineering projects inside the Aqsa Mosque that will be ready for implementation within six years.

He also added, "The Zionist entity was able to obtain the needed funds for the implementation of those projects that cost 44 million dollars, unmasking that the new Israeli plan gained the blessing of Jewish leaders world-wide, especially those in the United States.

According to Salah, gates of the new synagogue will directly lead to the Aqsa Mosque, thus, he added, the entire plazas of the Aqsa Mosque will be turned into plazas for the Jewish temple as well; describing such Israeli plan as "the last step that precedes the construction of the alleged Third Temple".

Revealing more details about the Israeli plan, Salah pointed out that according to the plan the Magharba gate, one of the important and historical gates of the Aqsa Mosque, will be permanently sealed off to build a new bridge leading directly to the Aqsa Mosque in order to ensure Israeli dominance over the Muslim holy shrine.

He also disclosed that the IOA intends to build a new gate directly connected to the Buraq Mosque after they close the existing gate leading to the Mosque from inside the Aqsa Mosque with the aim to transform the Mosque into a synagogue.

At the Mosque"s Western Wall, Salah said that the IOA plans to dig new tunnel in order to use it as emergency route to storm the Aqsa Mosque and to quell any possible "violence" that might erupt there.

Below the Eastern Wall of the Mosque; Salah said that the IOA plans to confiscate the area where the Rahma cemetery, which contains the remains of a number of the Sahaba (companions of Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him), is located purposely to set up a rail station that will connect the Aqsa Mosque with the Zaiton Mount, where, according to Jewish belief, the most scared Jewish cemetery is located.

"We can observe that those destructive projects intend to control all parts of the Aqsa Mosque", Salah warned.

He also pointed out that the IOA plans to set up joint Muslim-Christian-Jewish committee to supervise those projects in order to "legitimize the Israeli occupation of the Mosque" after giving Muslims and Christians religious bureaus the right to administer their own religious affairs, yet, under "Zionist sovereignty".