MP Abu Tair: Jerusalem is a red line
MP Abu Tair: Jerusalem is a red line
Wednesday, January 9,2008 06:09

MP Abu Tair: Jerusalem is a red line

NABLUS, (PIC)-- MP Sheikh Mohammed Abu Tair has warned in a statement from his Israeli prison cell that none should accept any compromises in the Jerusalem issue.

In a statement leaked from his cell on Wednesday, Abu Tair said that no Palestinian or Muslim is entitled to give up an inch of Jerusalem.

The Sheikh, who was commenting on American president George Bush"s visit to the region, warned against presuming that Bush"s visit to the West Bank would harbinger political solutions in favor of the Palestinian people and its national aspirations.

He charged that the Bush administration was totally biased in favor of Israeli occupation at the expense of Palestinian rights, "a position that we got used to from successive American administrations".

The MP also criticized the PA leadership for receiving and honoring Bush while he "rudely" declared his refusal to visit the grave of late PA chief Yasser Arafat or lay a wreath of flowers on it.

Fatah and PA leaders should have rather been loyal to the memory of their leader (Arafat) and refuse Bush"s visit and his "poisoned money", Abu Tair emphasized.