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Health Of Islamic Groups Lawyer Deteriorating
Health Of Islamic Groups Lawyer Deteriorating
The health of Mamdouh Ismail, the Islamic groups lawyer, deteriorated in prison after authorities denied him treatment and visits.
Monday, April 23,2007 21:16

The health of Mamdouh Ismail, the Islamic groups lawyer, deteriorated in prison after authorities denied him treatment and visits.
The health of Mamdouh Ismail, the Islamic groups lawyer, deteriorated in prison; the authorities denied him treatment as a bargain; his is reportedly endangered under conditions which are unsuitable for human living in Tora prison; he was secretly moved to it after he was hospitalized for only two hours in Manial university hospital; he is currently held in a ward specified for top criminals.
Mamdouh Ismail is held in a incommunicado detention cell since he was detained last 27 March after completing the notorious constitutional amendments.
Mamdouh is denied family and lawyer visits, and the prosecution postpones investigation sessions with him without any solid justification.
Said Ismail, the brother of Mamdouh, said that Hossam Mousa, the deputy attorney general, adjourned investigating with him for two weeks, adding more stress on his lawyers and family.
Mamdouh Ismail"s brother adds that his brother is solitarily imprisoned in cell which isn"t suitable for human use and is actually a death row; add to this that he is denied visits of his wife and he lost any contact with the outside world.
It is worth mentioning that Mamdouh Ismail is a founding member of the Al-Sharia Party and adopts the peaceful reviews of the jihad movement; he has crucial contributions to supporting these reviews through writing articles and participating in programs.
In a related context, the Egyptian security authorities said that they will release, during the coming days, leaders and  members of the Jihad Organization, after finishing the juristic reviews, currently prepared by the group leaders, topped by sheikh Sayed Imam Abdul Aziz, the founder of the Jihad Organization in Egypt.
For his part, Montaser Al Zayyat, the Islamic groups lawyer said in press statements that the leaders and members of the jihad reacted positively with the first lectures of the organization leaders, held in Al Fayyum prison, in which they confirmed banning Muslims infighting and any armed rebellion against governments.
Al Zayyat pointed out that the cadres of the organizations were seemingly convinced with these serious reviews, and the truthful desire for taking a peaceful approach, and rejecting all ideas adopted by the organization throughout the last years. Al Zayyat said that the releases will include medium and top organizational leaders, in addition to cadres and members, specially after the lectures that the leaders plan to hold.
The organization leaders are preparing, inside prisons, the final manifesto for the initiative of rejecting violence and it will be made public during the coming days, bearing signatures of all the organization leaders. Sources familiar with the issue said that:" The jihad manifesto will be attached by a juristic research which will be similar in its explanations to the books of intellectual reviews that the Islamic group leaders issued a few years ago".

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