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Al Shehab: 433 Rights Violations by Security Forces Against Opposition Activists in May Alone
Al Shehab: 433 Rights Violations by Security Forces Against Opposition Activists in May Alone
Tuesday, June 12,2018 20:02

Al-Shehab Center for Human Rights issued a report including human rights violations carried out by the security forces of the coup regime against opposition activists in Egypt last May, stressing that the total number of violations is 433 violations, ranging from arbitrary arrests, and 3 citizens died in prison due to medical negligence.

Al Shehab said that those in need of urgent medical intervention to save their lives from medical negligence inside the regime's prisons and detention centers are 60 detainees, while the appeals received from inside detention centers for ill-treatment are 17.

The report revealed the intransigence of the security forces that prevent visits without any reason, prevent the entry of medicines and personal belongings, continue incommunicado detention of a large number of prisoners, withhold medical treatment and the provision of health services to detainees in prisons and places of detention, and prohibit canteen rights.

The report also identified four hunger strikes in prisons as well as the arbitrary arrest and detention of 96 citizens.

According to the report, four female were arbitrarily detained in May, and 430 citizens were placed on terrorist lists in three separate cases.

The report also said that the number of disappeared and arbitrarily arrested citizens who appeared during May is 198 citizens.

Since 2013, international organizations have been denouncing the arrest and detention of thousands of politicians in prisons. A report issued by the Arab Network for Human Rights Information revealed an increase in the number of political detainees to 60,000 due to their opposition to the regime.

The coup security forces are undertaking a policy of terrorizing the opposition through arbitrary arrests and charge fabrications, as well as forcible disappearance and torture in prisons.

Human Rights Watch has accused Egypt's police forces of torturing political prisoners in various ways, including rape.

The health situation of the detainees deteriorates while prison administration does not move duly leaving them to die in cells, or transferring them to its hospitals that are not appropriately equipped, and yet refuses to allow the entry of medications provided by prisoner's families.

There are no official statistics on the number of detainee deaths in the military coup prisons due to the deterioration of their medical condition as a result of medical negligence.

However, according to the report of the Center for Human Rights, known as Dhahaya or “Victims” in 2014, the number of those who died inside prison since the military coup, due to medical negligence and torture, amounted to 24 deaths, other than the victims of the massacre of Abu Zaabal prison, where 37 detainees of the supporters of legitimacy have been gassed and killed inside police transport truck. 

The Arab Observatory for Rights and Freedoms confirmed in a previous report that the prison administrations refused to allow medicines for detainees with diseases such as diabetes, pneumonia and hepatitis, and refused to isolate them from the general detainee population, despite the seriousness of some of these infectious diseases and the possibility of infecting others. 


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