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Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns the Execution of 15 Citizens After Mock Military Trials
Anti-Coup Alliance Condemns the Execution of 15 Citizens After Mock Military Trials
Tuesday, December 26,2017 22:20

 The National Anti-Coup Alliance holds the military coup authority, headed by the bloodthirsty, Abdel Fattah El Sisi, fully responsible for the loss of innocent Egyptian lives, and the killing of 15 citizens after mock military trials that lack the minimum required guarantees of justice and integrity.

The Alliance asserts that the continuation of the military regime in Egypt in the practice of killing its own people through politicized trials or extrajudicial killings, will only increase their determination and resolve, and to confront the plans of the so-called the "deal of the century," under the auspices of the traitor rulers and the agents of the Zionists.

The National Anti-Coup Alliance for Supporting Legitimacy

Cairo, Egypt 
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