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Pro-Democracy Egypt Alliance Calls
Pro-Democracy Egypt Alliance Calls "Your Crimes Will Be Prosecuted" Protest Week
Saturday, September 16,2017 16:05

Security forces of the coup regime in Egypt never tire or pause, torturing prisoners of conscience in prisons, police stations and detention centers across this homeland. Officers are trained to practice the worst forms of physical and psychological torture in order to extract fake confessions from prisoners. Some detainees are eventually killed under severe torture.

Human rights organizations have documented this crime. Some victims, survivors of torture, have been able to testify in writing or orally. Faced with a horrendous number of cases of torture and slow and deliberate killing, some international organizations have issued several blatant reports against the junta regime in Egypt and the crimes it has committed over the past few days alone.

A report by Human Rights Watch and the UN International Committee against Torture reaffirmed that torture is used routinely by the coup regime's authorities, including police and military officers, as a premeditated policy against political prisoners.

In the latest international condemnation, two of the junta regime's most prominent 'executioners' have been placed on the international "Wanted" list because of their involvement in crimes of torture. Those are the former and current prisons chiefs who regularly supervised torture in Egyptian jails.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance welcomes these reports, although they reveal but a limited aspect of the junta's horrific crimes.

We solemnly salute the steadfastness of the proud patriotic Egyptians in prisons and applaud the efforts of all human rights workers, organizations and individuals, and call on the international community to demand the prosecution of general Sisi and his blood-thirsty junta who practice these crimes against all Egyptian citizens perceived as dissidents.

The Alliance calls for a new revolutionary week, entitled "Your Crimes Will Be Prosecuted". Such crimes will not be subject to any statute of limitations. The moment will come when every criminal will be held accountable for what he has committed.

Freedom for Egypt

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

#لن_تسقط_جرائمكم (Your Crimes Will Be Prosecuted)

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