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Egypt Alliance Calls
Egypt Alliance Calls "Sisi the Torturer" Protest Week
Sunday, September 10,2017 07:22

 Since the beginning of the brutal military coup, he has been working his criminal machine to kill Egypt's finest young men and women, subjecting all perceived dissidents to enforced disappearance, horrific torture, extra-judicial execution, seizing their money and property and generally repressing all Egyptians.

Every day, the coup regime's crimes increase, expand and grow so that people now believe that what horrors they are suffering today are in fact a lot worse than what they ever witnessed before, and that what is coming is going to be even more severe and horrific than what they are suffering at present amid shameful silence from the international community, which repeatedly responds to the pleas of suffering detainees and the tortured oppressed people with more support for the coup regime, the military junta and the most evil criminals.

However, the latest report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) confirmed the involvement of the junta's police and national security forces in torturing political detainees, and described how "security forces used torture to force detainees to confess or to disclose information, or to punish them".

The United Nations Committee Against Torture published results of its investigation into the methodology and deliberate nature of torture in Egypt under junta rule and confirmed that torture occurs systematically and under the auspices of the ruling regime in Egypt, which is the first international condemnation of the coup's crimes against the Egyptian people, with damning evidence.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance reiterates that these reports indicate the need to try all officials responsible for those crimes, especially the coup commander, in international trials. Above all, the world must stop rewarding this junta gang with the honor of recognition. This junta has usurped power from the people's elected President and dealt the people all kinds of torture and atrocities since it trampled legitimacy and popular will.

The Alliance appreciates the budding international response and reaffirms that the first step in confronting this coup is dependent on effective popular action by all political parties and popular groups to confront this criminal traitorous regime and its murderous practices. This action is the real beginning of the expected change.

Victory for the Revolution

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

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