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Thu93 2020

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Muslim Brotherhood Extends Condolences to Victims of Deadly Alexandria Train Accident
Muslim Brotherhood Extends Condolences to Victims of Deadly Alexandria Train Accident
Monday, August 14,2017 06:16

 May God grant peace and mercy to the innocent lives of the struggling Egyptians who returned to Him, to complain of injustice, tyranny, negligence and corruption.

At least 60 Egyptians turned into a mangled mess under the wheels of trains in Alexandria, while dozens were injured. However, no officials took responsibility for this terrible incident. Everyone remained in office without any accountability or punishment.

Today (Sunday), we witnessed another terrible accident, where an Aswan train went up in flames. The news of such calamities that afflict the people has become a normal tone, here in Egypt, night and day.

The true terrorism Egypt now suffers is corruption, tyranny and suppression. There is a general total disregard for the lives of all citizens, with authorities leaving them without any protection, care or attention, wasting the homeland's resources and wealth in illusions, away from the real interests of the people: saving souls and livelihoods.

Death has become an inherent theme of our country's identity. Those who are not shot dead by the police and army die of poverty, illness, on the seabed or under the wheels of trains.

The Muslim Brotherhood expresses its deep sorrow for this spilling of innocent blood, and extends its sincere condolences to the families of the victims, praying that God will grant those killed in the crash His mercy and the wounded a speedy recovery and the homeland freedom, justice and dignity.

Ahmed Assem

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman
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