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National Alliance Statement on Coup Interior Ministry Crimes in Attack on Alexandria Peaceful Protest
National Alliance Statement on Coup Interior Ministry Crimes in Attack on Alexandria Peaceful Protest
Saturday, July 8,2017 01:00

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Alexandria condemns the brutal attack on the peaceful march by Abu Suleiman residents in eastern Alexandria, where coup security forces used excessive force and violence to disperse protesters near Omar Street. Forces then arbitrarily arrested citizens and fired live ammunition, with one bullet hitting a lady in her own home – as she watched the protest in the street from her balcony, leaving her in a critical condition.

The Alliance has evidence to prove forces fired live bullets at the peaceful march. We thoroughly documented this crime, which is just another in a long series of the coup junta's murderous crimes. We will take legal action through all available avenues, and will continue on the path of the Revolution until the military coup is ultimately defeated.
Mobilizing all citizens to save the homeland has become a top priority, the duty at this critical time for every honorable patriotic Egyptian.
These heinous crimes show beyond any doubt that the coup junta is dragging the homeland towards the abyss. After the military coup against the first elected civilian president, evident economic failure, callous blood-spilling of innocent citizens and betrayal of the people and the selling of Egypt's land, we can only close ranks and get united in the face of this ruling junta.
God.. the homeland.. the Revolution
Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance in Alexandria
Friday – July 7, 2017
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