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Thu93 2020

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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Abduction of Mother of Four from her Home by Coup Security Forces
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Abduction of Mother of Four from her Home by Coup Security Forces
Thursday, October 20,2016 04:14

 At dawn on Wednesday, the military coup junta committed yet another heinous crime to be added to their long and apparently never-ending record of crimes, massacres and atrocities against all Egyptians. The military junta has not found enough mayhem to quench their thirst for blood in extrajudicial killings and arrest campaigns against the young, the elderly and even children, so Wednesday they abducted Shirin Bekheet, a mother of four children, from her home.

The coup generals have crossed all red lines, and lost all sense of humanity or logic as they violated the sanctity of an Egyptian woman's home where she lived alone with her four young children. Her husband works abroad. Coup security forces even smashed all the contents of Shirin's house, terrorized her children, before hauling her away to an unknown destination.

Meanwhile, human rights, women's rights and children's rights committees, commissions and organizations as well as media organizations still do not lift a finger, nor can anyone hear their voices.

When are we to hear their voices?

Is this not a heinous crime against women and children?!

The coup commanders and their sham regime must realize that their crimes will not pass without punishment. The Revolution will not forget or forgive the horrific crimes and atrocities. The moment of justice is near. Prompt justice will be achieved.

Listen to the voice of reason. Release Shirin – you have already broken her young children's hearts, and shamed Egypt in its entirety when you violated the sanctity of her home at dawn.

Eman Mahmoud

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokeswoman in Egypt

Wednesday – October 19, 2016
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