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Ashraf Kazaz Extrajudicial Killing a Brutal Atrocity Added to Repressive Coup Regime Criminal Record
Ashraf Kazaz Extrajudicial Killing a Brutal Atrocity Added to Repressive Coup Regime Criminal Record
Wednesday, October 19,2016 12:18

Lawless executions by the coup regime's interior ministry, the most recent of which was the murder of young Ashraf Kazaz in a gangland-style operation, are brutal crimes added to the black record of the traitorous junta.

Coup security forces murder Egyptians, regardless of their political orientations or affiliations, unrestrained by scruples of conscience, religion or patriotism, and unchecked by law or accountability. The military coup junta and its regime has trampled the law, with its security apparatuses now playing judge, jury and executioner, having turned the country into a jungle ruled by the logic of the bullet.

We strongly condemn the latest execution, of Ashraf Kazaz, and previous crimes against the people of this homeland, and affirm that the sanctity of Egyptians' lives is a red line, and that the mindless policy of executions and assassinations will not pass without punishment, and will not afford the junta the illusion of security they chase. Instead, it will be a curse on the coup commanders and the criminal junta and a noose around their necks.

The total disregard for life – clearly witnessed in the regular extrajudicial killings and the lawless executions of opponents in intensely politicized courts and farcical Inquisition-like trials – shows the ruling gang's ugly face and ferocious nature. These murders will have devastating consequences for the whole homeland.

We therefore appeal to the wise and conscientious, the patriots in all parts of Egypt to rise up to stop this mad spilling of innocent blood, in order to save the country from total collapse, as it now stands at the very edge of the abyss.

Hassan Saleh

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Tuesday – October 18, 2016
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