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Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Junta Assassination of Guidance Bureau Member Mohamed Kamal
Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Junta Assassination of Guidance Bureau Member Mohamed Kamal
Tuesday, October 4,2016 17:20

In one of the most horrific of their heinous crimes, military coup security forces assassinated Dr Mohamed Kamal, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau; and Dr Yasser Shehata, claiming that Dr Kamal – a physician in his sixties – would carry a gun and shoot at them. They forgot they had announced that they arrested him several hours before, and only later they ludicrously claimed they killed him in an exchange of gunfire.

The coup regime, which failed to run the country, and instead dragged it to destruction and devastation, and then crushed the people with absurd price rises, diseases and corruption, now wants to cover up its abject failure with more extrajudicial killings and bloodshed. This fascist regime has become addicted to the shedding of innocent blood.

Your evil games will not deceive us, nor the people of this homeland. The murderous criminals will not get away with their crimes. Soon, the Revolution will hold accountable all torturers and murderers. Then, justice will be prompt. Then, the believers will rejoice, and so will all oppressed Egyptians. Surely, that day is near. The coup regime is signing its own death warrant.

May God bless our martyrs. May He punish the criminals, murderers and oppressors.

Muslim Brotherhood

Tuesday – October 4, 2016

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