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Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Extrajudicial Murder of Guidance Bureau Member by Military Junta
Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Extrajudicial Murder of Guidance Bureau Member by Military Junta
Tuesday, October 4,2016 11:37
We got the message you told by the assassination of Dr Mohamed Kamal, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau; and Dr Yasser Shehata, thinking you can terrorize or make us lose faith, resolve or strength. That is one of the fantasies you cling to, which delude and lead you to ultimate failure.

Here's our reply to your heinous crime, to the murderous military junta. It is a reality for us, not a fantasy or a slogan – a reality documented with our own blood; not simple words, but facts proven time and time again with the lives of our loved ones taken by the treacherous junta. We announce it, as also the founding Imam Hassan Al-Banna announced it: "To die for the sake of God is our highest aspiration".

Your vile act of barbarism, your despicable extrajudicial killing crimes, will not make us lose faith, nor will it intimidate us or discourage us from exposing your heinous crimes or revealing your horrid secrets, until the Egyptian people uproot your filth completely and cleanse Egypt of your treachery.

Our message to our people, to all Egyptians throughout the homeland: Know that our souls crave to be sacrificed for your dignity and pride, if need be – to be the price for your glory and honor, to achieve our hopes, your hopes in a life worth living, in freedom and independence.

As for you, traitorous military junta, the people's crushing revolt is now so close, after the truth about you, your crimes, and your treachery has been exposed. It is only a matter of time. We are ready for you.

Dr Talaat Fahmi

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Tuesday – October 4, 2016
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