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MB Statements
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie: Committed to Non-Violence, to Legitimate President Morsi
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie: Committed to Non-Violence, to Legitimate President Morsi
Tuesday, September 6,2016 21:35

Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, said Tuesday that the group is committed to three issues: peaceful action in the face of the coup, the legitimacy of President Mohamed Morsi, and bringing to trial all those who broke up the Rabaa sit-in on August 14, 2013.

During his trial at the Police Academy, Badie added that "the whole reason for this trial is my being the Muslim Brotherhood Chairman", describing the group as "forbearing".

"The Muslim Brotherhood is about 90 years old now. Its history is being taught as an example of how to do charitable work for the people. Despite the torching of its headquarters, the group continued its good work and endeavors in the project 'We bring goodness to Egypt' (a huge charity project set up by the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013)."

On the violent break-up of the Rabaa protest sit-in, Badie said: "The Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters were the victims, not the perpetrators... They did not kill people in Rabaa".

The Muslim Brotherhood Chairman demanded that those who broke up the sit-in be brought to trial, asking, "Dir the Muslim Brotherhood break up the sit-in? Or did forces break it up? And why were the killers never brought to trial? Why no-one has ever questioned them?" Judge Hassan Farid replied: "We will see in this trial".

Badie reiterated the Muslim Brotherhood's commitment to peaceful resistance to the coup, noting that "the Egyptian people will not leave their right to their hijacked non-violent Revolution".

The Muslim Brotherhood leader further reiterated the group's commitment to Mohamed Morsi as President of Egypt, saying: "The Egyptian people have a legitimate president, elected legitimately. We support legitimacy".


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