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Tue927 2022

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Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Fahmi Rejects Rabaa 'Compensation' Call
Muslim Brotherhood Spokesman Fahmi Rejects Rabaa 'Compensation' Call
Saturday, August 20,2016 14:42

Talaat Fahmi, Muslim Brotherhood media spokesman, rejected a suggestion by Mohamed Hassan, a junta-friendly cleric, who is also trying to calm the situation in Cairo by persuading the Muslim Brotherhood to accept "blood money" for those killed by military coup forces in the Rabaa Square and Nahda Square massacres and other atrocities, as a solution to the current crisis in Egypt.

Fahmi said - in a phone call through the 'Watan" satellite TV channel Tuesday: "Those we thought were protectors of the faith kept quiet and never uttered a word against the massacres of the innocent unarmed protesters. But now they come out to exonerate the traitorous general Sisi and his gang, seeking to extinguish the raging fire by paying blood money, because some martyrs' families need the money. They make believe that that is the Islamic solution.

"The people of Egypt do not need a fake solution. The issue here is far greater than blood money or punishment. Rabaa is a dispute over the future of the homeland, which has been hijacked by the military junta who has also plundered the country's wealth, and trampled the will of the people. This is no simple matter of reconciliation or dispute between two opposing parties.

"The military junta has pillaged an entire homeland, crushed the people's will, plundered Egypt's resources, and shed the blood of innocent unarmed protesters."
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