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Syria Muslim Brotherhood Official Statement on Al-Nusra Split from Al-Qaeda
Syria Muslim Brotherhood Official Statement on Al-Nusra Split from Al-Qaeda
Saturday, July 30,2016 00:53

Official position of the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria regarding the separation of Al-Nusra Front from Al-Qaeda:

1. We welcome every step made by any group or faction to return to the people's side, popular will and the goals of the revolution.

2. The goal of the revolution is liberation from the yoke of occupation, despotism and tyranny. Everyone has to work within this framework for a State of freedom and justice.

3. Al-Nusra Front's announcement is a first step towards making the revolution and its objectives truly 'local'. It needs to be followed with more embracing of popular resistance, by addressing rights and grievances. Everyone has to undertake comprehensive reviews that should benefit our people and the revolution

4. Our battle is only with the murderous regime. Everyone must point their guns toward the traitorous regime, the Russian and Iranian occupiers.

5. The future of Syria lies in the hand of the people alone. Only the people shall shape the State with their will and free choice.

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria

Friday – July 29, 2016


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