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Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls 'Why So Quiet?' Week of Peaceful Protests
Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls 'Why So Quiet?' Week of Peaceful Protests
Broadbased anti-coup coalition urges Egyptians to be inspired by the Turkish people and rise again against the Sisi junta's horrific atrocities and massive failures.
Friday, July 29,2016 06:40

 The blundering traitorous general Sisi said to Egyptians two years ago: "Tomorrow you will see Egypt". And we can all see Egypt: prices soaring, tourism collapsing, the economy falling apart, the country almost bankrupt, sectarian clashes underscoring the utter failure of security solutions, and a mad rush to borrow money from foreign sources. Most recently, we witnessed the crime of borrowing from the International Monetary Fund, which we should not accept under any circumstances.

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance regards the IMF loan and other borrowing plans as real threats to national security and the future of coming generations. We call on all Egyptians to take to the streets to protest the deliberate destruction of the homeland and the total trampling of Egyptians' rights and future in a new week of non-violent protests entitled "Why so quiet?" as part of the revolutionary wave "Leave".

We must turn out to exhort and alert the rest of the Egyptian people to the deteriorating reality we are living today, and to the frightening future with extreme poverty, economic collapse and mounting debt. We must also turn out to stand firm in the face of the treasonous coup, which must be defeated whatever the price.

Everyone can see the increase in poverty rates, the junta's decrees and decisions aimed at increasing prices and taxes, the tremendous failure to create stability in the Sinai, the humiliation and torturing of the Sinai people, the intransigence against political detainees and their families with continued medical neglect and slow death in prison, the flawed justice that fabricates lawsuits, the unjust verdicts and sentencing, and the corrupt parliament that passes corrupt laws to humiliate workers. Meanwhile, we see repeated rises in salaries and pensions for the military.

Egypt is living a major disaster, and needs the concerted efforts of all Egyptians. Everyone must join in a real partnership to save the homeland and the people from the poverty, oppression and humiliation. We can only reiterate our positions in support of popular will and the rights of all Egyptians, not only in legitimate rage against the murderous coup, but in order to save Egypt and Egyptians from Sisi's fatal blunders.

Our demands for retribution for the martyrs will never be dropped or sidestepped. We will not forget or compromise the rights of the martyrs of Manassah massacre, and all the massacres before and after that. Certainly, we will not forget Rabaa Square massacre. The curse of blood will continue to haunt the murderer Sisi and other members of his traitorous gang. Certainly, Sisi will go from failure to failure until he meets his inevitable fate.

We call on all Egyptians to join protests once again, to stand up to the blundering Sisi, and be inspired by the resilience of the Turkish people, who continue their defense of their country's stability and rejection of coups and the consequent disasters we all see too clearly in Egypt: humiliation, poverty, oppression, subversion and destruction at the hands of general Al-Sisi and his cronies.

Victory for the Revolution

Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance

The revolutionary wave – Leave
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