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Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie Family Statement on His Health Condition
Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie Family Statement on His Health Condition
Wednesday, July 13,2016 18:47

The family of Dr Mohamed Badie, Muslim Brotherhood Chairman, affirms that since the recent news of his deteriorating health condition have circulated, it has no reliable information about him, because all visits are banned for him and nine other Brotherhood leaders, by orders of the coup commanders, since June 19. For a whole week, the family has been trying – through the defense team and by all means available – to get any information about his condition. They have been met with a totally solid wall of silence.

The family then waited for a court session in one of the fabricated cases against Dr Badie, which was scheduled for today (Wednesday). However, we were surprised to hear the hearing was postpone, and the Muslim Brotherhood leader never showed up in court, which simply means more uncertainty and doubt.

Dr Badie's family holds the coup commanders fully responsible for the Brotherhood leader's health. They also warn against any attack on Dr Badie or violation of his rights, especially with this dubious siege that surrounds him with the coup generals banning all visits until now.

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