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Unprecedented: Junta Interior Ministry Forces Abduct Mosque Imam During Prayer
Unprecedented: Junta Interior Ministry Forces Abduct Mosque Imam During Prayer
Brutal forces of the coup regime's Interior Ministry storm a mosque in the city of Delengat (in Beheira Province, Egypt) and kidnap the imam Mohsen Gharbaoui as he led prayers.
Thursday, June 30,2016 07:22

Coup Interior Ministry forces terrorized worshipers during prayers in a mosque in Delengat city – in Beheira Province, Egypt, when they stormed the mosque, interrupted prayers and abducted the imam Sheikh Mohsen Mahmoud Gharbaoui, hauling him away to an unknown destination.

Delengat residents denounced the coup IM forces' barbaric actions, and stressed that no fair-minded or reasonable person can accept such violent and lawless behavior in Egypt.

The people of Delengat affirmed that Sheikh Mohsen Gharbaoui is well known to them and to people of neighboring villages for his kindness and excellent well-mannered behavior, and that he never committed any crime, and therefore does not deserve to be snatched from prayers in this barbaric and callous manner.

Gharbaoui's lawyer confirmed that his family filed a report marking the place and time of his abduction, adding that there are many witnesses to the incident, in case the good imam is not released or brought to the prosecutor for questioning in accordance with due process.
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