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Natrun Prison Political Detainees Start Hunger Strike Protesting Brutality, Extreme Squalid Conditions
Natrun Prison Political Detainees Start Hunger Strike Protesting Brutality, Extreme Squalid Conditions
Political Prisoners held at Wadi Natrun jail suffer inhumane conditions, daily physical and mental torture, and brutal beatings, in addition to constant over-crowding inside the cells.
Tuesday, June 21,2016 19:37

Political detainees jailed in Wadi Natrun 430 Prison started a new total hunger strike, in protest at extremely poor conditions of detention, and brutal ill-treatment they and their relatives suffer at the hands of prison management all the time.

The last of those brutal incidents was on Monday, June 20. Prison guards brutally beat a detainee, on the orders of prison chief Mohamed Yehya. The detainee's wife tried to put a silver wedding ring onto his finger during a visit. The prison chief promptly ordered guards to beat the detainee, his brother and his wife. Then, he kicked the detainee's visitors out of the prison complex, and prevented the detainee from taking any of the food and other stuff brought to him by his family in the visit.

Political prisoners in Wadi Natrun Prison suffer inhumane, extremely squalid conditions of detention, in addition to humiliating daily torture, frequent beatings, and permanent overcrowding in cells.

To contact detainees' families, please call:

Mustafa Azab: Tel: 00905419061730

Sherif Hassan Galal Samak: Tel: 00201000966564

Yasser Moussa: Tel: 00201116443656 and 00201116443655

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