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Egypt Coup Security Officers at Fakous Police Station Beat Political Prisoners; Ban Visits and Food
Egypt Coup Security Officers at Fakous Police Station Beat Political Prisoners; Ban Visits and Food
The junta's security forces attack and brutally assault detainees in Fakous police station, and banned visits and food on Friday.
Saturday, June 18,2016 12:35
The Fakous Detainees Families Association (FDFA) in Sharqeya Province, Egypt said Captain Imad Salah; Captain Ahmed Arafa; Major Mahmoud Bassiouni, Fakous police station's deputy head; and First Lieutenant Yasser (supervised by Lieutenant Colonel Ashraf Al-Saidi, the station's acting chief); brutally attacked on Friday detainees, and banned visits and food, which is a flagrant violation of all norms, laws and human rights.

FDFA holds military coup authorities, as represented by the Fakous police station chief and his deputy as well as director of Sharqeya Security Directorate, and the coup regime's Interior Minister, fully responsible for the safety of their loved ones.

FDFA pleads with all civil society organizations and local and international human rights bodies and organizations to urgently intervene to lift the injustice done to the detainees' families, and to document the coup authorities' crimes against them, which have no statute of limitations.

Notably, the number of detainees in Fakous held simply for refusing the military coup is 121, of whom 21 are held at the police station prison and are suffering inhumane detention conditions.

To communicate with the families of the detainees, please call: 01005401719


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