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Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement Condemns Politicized Sentences Against Chairman Badie
Muslim Brotherhood Press Statement Condemns Politicized Sentences Against Chairman Badie
Friday, June 3,2016 06:43
The military court that issued rulings to execute a group of young honorable Egyptians on Sunday is the same that issued the unjust sentences today (Monday) to jail Muslim Brotherhood Chairman Badie and a number of leaders. All sentences issued by this intensely politicized judiciary are null and void.

Detainees are a difficult part in the equation, and an integral part of the ongoing anti-coup revolutionary movement that persists despite the regime's extreme repression. These politicized sentences reveal the extent of the coup authorities' fury over the detainees' legendary steadfastness notwithstanding the tremendous intimidation and seduction maneuvers they are subjected to.

From this fortitude, the men and women of the January 2011 Revolution derive strength and determination to persist in liberty squares across the homeland until the Revolution achieves all its goals.

These vindictive sentences are indeed worthy of this coup regime and its leaders.
We will complete our Revolution and achieve its goals, God willing.

Hassan Saleh

Muslim Brotherhood Media Spokesman

Monday – May 30, 2016
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